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20-06-2020 Sat
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2020,06,20,01,00,00Loading...41[English Premier League]ENG PR:(Norwich City) VS (Southampton)
2HK NOW 621
2020,06,20,01,30,00Loading...131[Spanish Primera Division]SPA D1:(Granada CF) VS (Villarreal)
2HK NOW 632
2020,06,20,01,30,00Loading...131[Spanish Primera Division]SPA D1:(Mallorca) VS (Leganes)
2HK NOW 633
2020,06,20,03,15,00Loading...41[English Premier League]ENG PR:(Tottenham Hotspur) VS (Manchester United)
2HK NOW 621
2HK NOW 611
2020,06,20,04,00,00Loading...131[Spanish Primera Division]SPA D1:(Sevilla) VS (Barcelona)
1TDM (Sports)
2HK NOW 632
2020,06,20,12,30,00Loading...75[CBA]CBA:(Suzhou Dragons) VS (Shenzhen Aviators)
2020,06,20,15,30,00Loading...75[CBA]CBA:(QingDao Eagles) VS (Xinjiang Flying Tigers)
2020,06,20,19,30,00Loading...41[English Premier League]ENG PR:(Watford) VS (Leicester City)
2HK NOW 621
1ViuTV 99
2020,06,20,19,30,00Loading...281[ENG LCH]ENG LCH:(Fulham) VS (Brentford)
1TDM (Sports)
2020,06,20,19,35,00Loading...75[CBA]CBA:(Beijing Ducks) VS (Liaoning Dinosaurs)
2020,06,20,20,00,00Loading...131[Spanish Primera Division]SPA D1:(Espanyol) VS (Levante)
2HK NOW 632
2020,06,20,21,30,00Loading...91[German Bundesliga]GER D1:(Hertha BSC Berlin) VS (Bayer Leverkusen)
2HK NOW 672
1Cable TV 613
1Cable TV 653
2FOX Sports 3 (mio TV)
2020,06,20,21,30,00Loading...91[German Bundesliga]GER D1:(Bayern Munich) VS (SC Freiburg)
1Cable TV 611
1Cable TV 651
2HK NOW 670
2020,06,20,21,30,00Loading...91[German Bundesliga]GER D1:(RB Leipzig) VS (Borussia Dortmund)
1TVB (Finance and Information)
1Cable TV 612
1Cable TV 652
1Fox Sports 2
2HK NOW 671
2020,06,20,22,00,00Loading...281[ENG LCH]ENG LCH:(West Bromwich(WBA)) VS (Birmingham)
1TDM (Sports)
2020,06,20,22,00,00Loading...41[English Premier League]ENG PR:(Brighton & Hove Albion) VS (Arsenal)
2HK NOW 621
2020,06,20,23,00,00Loading...131[Spanish Primera Division]SPA D1:(Athletic Bilbao) VS (Real Betis)
2HK NOW 632
1ShangHai Sports
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